My second Android application.

Now using the canvas 2D graphics to further my knowledge of Android development. I chose Sim (explained here) for several reasons.  Firstly because a dear friend of mine is Portuguese and we use the word “sim” often (being yes). Also, I wanted a game complex enough to not be boring but simple enough where I could map the whole game tree with brute force thus the artificial intelligence was no more than looking up a hash table. I had to develop an application to search all the moves and optimize the search tree. There are 2250 reachable nodes in my game-tree, and that is complete.

Make no mistake though, the game is complex despite its huge amount of symmetry within the game-play. Like Dots and Dashes its difficulty level is simply defined by the number of random moves it does before it looks up the best play.

To date this is the most popular of my games (although I do expect Solitaire 3D to overtake it quite soon).


One Response to Sim

  1. jawfin says:

    Version 2.0

    Upgraded to be Playrock compatible which allows playing in real time against your friends.

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